What is the future of digital marketing in 2024?

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What is the future of digital marketing in 2024?

Digital marketing is the fastest growing industry in India ,wherein there is huge demand not only for startups but also for famous brands. Research from Goldman Sachs suggests that the digital marketing industry in india is likely to create more than 9 lakhs job in 2024 and likely to have value of US$160 billion by 2025.

Create a strong web presence ; your website ,followed by social media ,must be professional and convey one unified message along with the look.

Share valuable content : Share lots of helpful relevant posts ,inclusing blog posts and videos 

Engage your audience: Grow trust and awareness for your brand by engaging followers,Respond to comments and messages.

Consistency is key- A brand image and message has to stay the same across different kind of platforms

Monitor & Adjust keep tracking in pursuit of best practices when engaging one’s audience.

The sector is likely to grow to 539 billion rupees by the end of 2024,three times the current value. Growth is expected at a CAGR of 27.42%. With this kind of growth, even the average salaries in digital marketing have seen a minimal hike ; an average increase of 30% in the past one year itself has happened. In spite of the fact that these lucrative careers throw through digital marketing, it is still a dynamic field that is fast moving and changing that has that potent force to transform business.

How digital marketing help a startup to grow ??


Digital marketing, in comparison with traditional advertising, is cost-effective. On a low-budget PPC, advertising, social media ads and email campaigns can be done by any startup to reach out to people based on specific demographic targeting, thus keeping a better reign on your budget and generating higher ROI.

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Digital marketing allows targeting an audience based on many variables : age, location,interest and online behaviour. This simply means that marketing goes to people who are potential customers and likely to convert. 

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A strong online presence is a prime requirement of any startup. One enables its presence, giving itself a much-needed exposure to stamp its authority in respective industries through content marketing, social media engagement and search engine optimization. Quality content, if consistent, helps in building trust and credibility with the prospect base.

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Digital marketing is measurable, and the results can be availed with analytics and reporting tools. Right from website traffic to conversion rates, and customer engagement—the performance of campaigns is available in real-time, along with data analysis and making informed decisions. You can easily know what’s working and what isn’t, hence continuously improve it.

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Effective strategies of digital marketing generate highly-qualified leads. These include SEO techniques, content marketing and PPC, which provide the perfect push to potential customers onto a initial website or landing pages of a startup. Optimizing those pages for conversion ensures a good percentage of page visitors perform desired actions such as signing up for a news letter or making a purchase.


  • How small businesses can benefit from digital marketing?

Digital marketing will give users the most cost-effective way of advertising, targeting customers, or creating brand awareness among small businesses. Many small businesses have used social media, email or direct mail and even an online presence to reach and engage a large audience most likely interested in their products or services and increase their customer network to build sales without requiring a big budget.

  • How does digital marketing benefit your business?

It helps your business offer a way to reach more of the potential customers where they spend the bulk of their time. Digital marketing makes it simple and inexpensive to advertise in comparison to traditional means. It gives you the chance to target groups of people who are likely to want your products. This makes the targeted reach, better brand awareness and driving sales much easier. It will also be possible to track the results of the campaign in real-time and adjust strategies towards better outcomes.

  • How to build a brand using digital marketing?

First and formost, digital marketing happens online as such one must have a strong online presence characterisized by a professional website and social media accounts with an engaged audience through continous looks nd similar messages.share useful and interesting content in terms of blog,post and videos and engage your audience by responding to comments and messages 

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