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Affordable search engine optimization

Strategic Marketing

Ready to give your brand the spotlight it deserves? Dive into our Paid Ads extravaganza and let your message shine in the digital universe!

Eye-catchy Designs

We craft visuals that speak to your ideal customers. Ready for an extraordinary brand transformation?

Eye-catchy Designs

We craft visuals that speak to your ideal customers. Ready for an extraordinary brand transformation?

Social Media

Ready to make your brand the talk of the social town? Dive into our Social Media Management expertise and let your brand resonate across digital platforms!

Social Media Services

Social Community Management

We manage your social media by creating and posting content together, ensuring an active online presence that boosts engagement and attracts customers.

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Social Media Content Creation

Your social media success depends on great content. Our Dubai agency creates engaging, trend-aligned posts that meet your business goals and boost engagement.

Social Media Ads & Media Service

Social media is key to connecting with clients. Our Dubai agency manages your campaigns, handles ads, and tracks performance to ensure success.

Campaigns & Projects

If your brand needs help with a short-term social media campaign or project, our experienced social media marketing agency can create and run a plan just for you.

Influencer Marketing

We are the top SMO agency in Dubai. We team up with influencers to boost your brand and promote your content, increasing audience engagement.

Reviews & Comment Management

We handle feedback, messages, and reviews from followers and the social media community. Our strategy includes analyzing social media data to improve campaign performance.

What you can expect from

Social Media Marketing

Widespread Reach

Higher Brand Visibility

Higher Engagement

Viral Potential

Real-time Feedback

Vernacular Content

Why choose Clever Clicks
for your Social Media Marketing

Exceptional Content Strategies

Embrace the future with strategies designed to stay ahead of the curve. Our team continuously explores emerging trends, ensuring your brand remains at the forefront of digital innovation.

Proven Track Record

With a history of successful campaigns and satisfied clients, we have built a reputation for excellence in social media marketing.

Result-driven Approach

Our focus has always been on delivering measurable results, such as increased brand awareness, engagement, and ROI.

Continuous Optimization

Adapt and thrive. Our commitment to constant refinement ensures that your Social Media Marketing strategy remains agile, responsive, and effective in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Experienced Team

Our team comprises seasoned experts with a deep understanding of the social media landscape. We leverage this expertise to craft strategies tailored to your brand’s unique challenges and aspirations.

Clever Clicks Your One Stop Solution

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Service Charges

Social Media Marketing

What You Get:

  1. Customized Content Creation:

    We’ll create engaging and unique posts, images, and videos tailored specifically to your brand to attract and engage your audience.

  2. Regular Posting and Management:

    We will handle your social media accounts, ensuring consistent and timely posts to keep your audience engaged and your brand top-of-mind.

  3. Audience Growth and Engagement:

    Our strategies will help increase your followers and engagement rates through targeted campaigns, contests, and interactive content.

  4. Detailed Performance Reports:

    You’ll receive regular reports showing the progress and success of our efforts, including metrics like likes, shares, comments, and follower growth.

Boost Your Business with Us!

Ready to take your marketing to the next level? Here’s how we make it easy for you:

Our Charges:

  • Minimum Fee: ₹15,000 per month


This ensures you get the best value and results from our expert marketing services. Let’s grow together! 🚀

Exciting Payment Plan for Your Social Media Marketing!

Welcome to a smooth and worry-free way to manage your social media marketing payments with us. Here’s how it works:

  1. Start Strong with 50% Upfront:
    • To kick things off and get our creative juices flowing, we ask for 50% of the total fee before we begin. This ensures we have all the resources ready to create amazing content and run successful campaigns for you.
  2. End-of-Month Payment:
    • The remaining 50% will be due at the end of the month. By then, you’ll have seen the results and the magic we’ve worked on your brand.


This approach keeps things simple, transparent, and fair for both of us. It allows us to deliver our best work and gives you peace of mind knowing exactly what to expect.

Let’s make your social media presence shine! 🌟

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Social Media Marketing